Data conversion is the conversion of one data format into another. It is a technical process mostly done by software, although rarely hardware or human intervention is used. Data conversion is only possible if the target format is able to support the same data features and constructs of the source data. The rules can be established by the operating system, application, the programming language or even by the programmer. Successful data conversion helps in the smooth functionality of applications dependent on the concerned data. We, at Freedom Soft, provide superior Data Conversion services to companies from all over the world. Our services include data conversion for Word, PDF, XML, HTML and Excel. In addition, we provide file, document and book conversion and Word formatting as required by our clients.
We work with nearly every kind of file format and have the tools, technology and experience to quickly and easily convert any type of file when you need it. If you require document conversion, chances are we can provide it for you in no time.

Our Data Conversion Services:

1. Data Conversion Services
2. PDF Conversion
3. Document Conversion
4. Word Conversion Services
5. Image Conversion Services
6. OCR Data Conversion Services
7. Book Conversion Services
8. Document Conversion
9. Data Conversion from Paper
10. Data Conversion from Ebooks
11. Data Conversion from Websites
12. Data Conversion from Hard Copy
13. Data Conversion from Scanned Images
14. Data Conversion from PDF
15. Image to word document
16. PDF to word document
17. PDF to Excel DocumentData Extraction
18. Excel Conversion Service
19. Catalog Conversion
20. XML Conversion
21. HTML Conversion
22. Data Conversion from Sales Documents
23. Data Conversion from Payroll Documents
24. Data Conversion from Purchase Documents
25. Data Conversion from Printed Documents
26. Document Digitization
27. Conversion from Legal Documents
28. On-demand Data Conversion services