Profile of Freedom Soft

Freedom Soft is an outsourcing company located in Kushtia district of Khulna division. On November 22, 2013, Freedom Soft launched for self-employment locally. Who is the founder of the company K. A. M. Ruaim Rabbie started work at the Marketplace in 2010. Work efficiency increased day by day and spread the scope of work and Freedom soft for the employment of the job applicants in their own districts.

Freedom Soft is working in different countries of the world like America, Canada, Australia, Italy, China, Germany, India and other countries. With many different organizations and people of these countries, Freedom Soft has been working regularly for more than 9 years. Because Freedom Soft has the ability to work efficiently and at the most appropriate time, which is very important to the donors in different countries of the world.
Freedom Soft is working with a great reputation in the outsourcing world and plans to increase further employment in the future.

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Founder Identity

Name: K. A. M. Ruaim Rabbie
Father’s Name: K. M. Yar Jung Salar
Mother’s Name: Rukshana Begum
Address: A. Hamid Market (2nd floor), N.S. Road, Kushtia-7000.
Phone: +88 071 71186
Mobile no: +880 1712 149673

CEO had entered Outsourcing world in 2010. Before completing the graduation, IT professionals have passed the course IDB-BISEW IT Scholarship Project ( for Database Design and Development oracle university, CA, USA ( After completing OCP, he started his career as a programmer in Riyadh hospital under the Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia and later finished his job as Project Coordinator Programmer. Entry into the outsourcing world at after leaving the job. At the beginning of the house, he started working with 1 computer. Worked quite a few days alone. But the scope of day-to-day work increases, it is not possible to work on one. In spite of the internet speed problems in the city, many people, despite advised to increase the activities in Dhaka, refused to extend their activities outside their respective districts and established Freedom Soft in their district Kushtia to increase self-employment. He has created opportunities through Freedom Soft to create jobs for many men-female where their families are being benefited. Freedom Soft is a good relation crop with work donors through outsourcing in different countries of the world. Freedom Soft has been working tirelessly for making software more successful and making employment opportunities. In this context, everyone lacks competitiveness for further expansion of outsourcing work.

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Award Achieved

Outsourcing Activities of Freedom Soft

The types of outsourcing work that Freedom Soft has to offer include:

 Website Design and Development
 Software Development
 Digital Marketing
 Graphics Design
 Virtual Assistant
 Data Entry Service
 Data Clearing Service
 Data Processing Service
 Data mining
 Data management
 Specialized data support
 eBook Conversation
 Document conversion
 Product data entry
 shopping cart data entry
 Marketplace listing
 catalog management
 Internal office management
 Web Resource

Why would the world wide employer choose Freedom Soft?

In the world, various organizations perform the necessary tasks with us in the right time to reduce their extra work and salaries. Freedom soft has skilled workers who perform various types of work in the world. The Freedom Soft provides the importance of work, quality of work, proper management, prior to the scheduled time. And because of this, the scope of the work of the foreign organization can be completed at a fixed time in a very low budget such as Freedom Soft.
In a word, the Freedom Software is always important to emphasize:

 Contact with outsourcing work provider
 Work needed analysis
 Setting Fees
 Quick work solution planning and implementation
 Provide job reports in due time
 Triple check for the work
 Quality control and confidentiality protection.
 24 hour support

Sample work done by Freedom Soft

China domestic e-commerce management:

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Participation in the Ministerial Conference organized by the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh to expand outsourcing sector

Officials Summarize of Freedom Soft

The Freedom Soft, which extends the activities of the organization, identifies newcomers, highlights the opportunities and opinions of officials. Both men and women are working at 3 shifts at Freedom Soft. Their views are considered seriously. It has a lot of output in the organization. Here all the security is ensured. Most of the organization’s officials came from the needy families and the whole family depends on them. Institutions provide bonuses on the basis of the basic salary of each of the officers as well as on the job basis. In this case, an official earns Tk 25,000.00 per month from Freedom Soft. Which appears to be very good in the district town. The role of women in the organization is noteworthy. Currently, 20 employees with 9 women are working. The organization hopes to increase further employment in the future.

Desire Of Freedom Soft

Freedom Soft Company We have brought together one success in the joint effort of the collective efforts. We want to create a more efficient and qualified officer in future. It is desirable for the government to cooperate with us to make our contacts more prosperous in the world. Freedom Soft’s firm belief that any project in the ICT division is ready to be successful and successful. In the future, Freedom Soft wants to increase more employment. Let us continue to follow this path always – this is a wish to everyone.

Thank you

K. A. M. Ruaim Rabbie
Founder & CEO