Choose Freedom Soft for Accurate Data Entry Services

Freedom Soft is a leading provider of data entry services data management services to global clients. Our data entry services can be tailored to accommodate a wide range of industries. Our team comprises of some of the most talented and experienced data entry experts who are capable of delivering accurate data entry services within a quick turnaround time.
If you are looking for a reliable, accurate, efficient, and cost-effective data entry service provider, then look no further.We also provide you with quality assurance and project management, giving you all the benefits without any risk.

Outsource Online / Offline Form Data Entry Services

By outsourcing online or offline data entry services most companies benefit by reducing costs, high work efficiencies and can concentrate on their core competence. Freedom Soft have a dedicated and experienced team of data entry professionals to perform any offline data entry service. Our data entry professionals can key in data in any database provided by a client or even in a word processor most accurately and with fast turnaround time.

Outsource Survey Data Entry Services

By outsourcing online data entry surveys to Flatworld Solutions, you can leverage our capabilities to convert data into a usable, digitized format. In addition, when you outsource your requirements for data entry surveys to us, you gain access to sophisticated equipment and technology. Our managers work with operational teams to deliver superior services within mutually agreed timelines. This process ensures that you get reliable services every time you work with us.

Invoice Data Entry Services

Our Invoice Data Entry Services along with processing solutions are ideal when you have to deal with a large volume of documents such as invoices, vouchers, transport orders, proofs of delivery, bills, purchase orders, etc. Our team of experts is capable of carrying out the most intricate of data entry and processing jobs. They will work as your back office bookkeeping partners while providing you with our customized Invoice Data Entry Services.

eBook Data Entry Services

Freedom Soft sophisticated technology to provide e-book data entry services to organizations around the globe. Outsourcing your requirements for book data entry to us ensures that you get superior service, reducing costs at the same time. We are committed to providing best in class services that focuses on fulfilling your requirements.

Website Design and Development

Website is essential in this age of quality data, as data plays a vital role in any business. The requirement for Website is at a peak currently as there are numerous developments and challenges that businesses have to face everyday.If you want to successfully market your products/services thend you need a website. Freedom Soft will convert your Business into the format that you require. We have a highly experienced team of Website Design and Development that can provide you best services.

Word Formatting

Word formatting is nothing but the process of rearranging already existing word documents so as to make them look impressive with the help of various customized styles and services related to the section. Freedom Soft have a group of well trained and experienced professionals, we can do the work at a faster pace. Apart from changing the format and providing customized styles for word documents, our professional word formatting experts can also provide MS word formatting services for different types for proposals, e-books or presentations. Just send us the documents to be formatted and we will make them user friendly and at the same time visually appealing.

Catalog Conversion Services

Just creating online catalogs is not enough. Catalog conversion is equally important as data comes in various formats like Excel files, paper documents, databases, emails, scanned articles, images, or even downloaded PDFs. Freedom Soft catalog conversion services allows users to read product descriptions, view images, place orders, and share product details with their friends using any preferred communication medium. Catalog conversion outsourcing may involve some cost but the time and effort saved will surely make up for it. Our team is expert at processing diverse catalog conversion requirements to perfection. Contact us with your catalog conversion, our team will be glad to assist you.